Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to read- This month on Yareah magazine

Article about literature by Charles May:

This month Indian Legends in U.S. on Yareah magazine

Read this article by Silvia Cuevas Mostacero:

Metamorphosis on Yareah magazine

A lot of different articles are on Yareah magazine/november about Ovid and Kafka and about other metamorphosis... ordinary metamorphosis. See the whole issue:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sabela Baña in Ireland (Dublin)

I like the painter Sabela Baña.
Read this article:
and see her webpage:

La Revista Absenta Poetas

Leer el artículo que sobre la revista publica Yareah magazine:

Y el de la presentación de la revista Absenta poetas en el Bukowski Club de Madrid:

Leer la página cultural de la revista Absenta poetas:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Literatura en el Bukowski Club de Madrid

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ovid, the roman poet, on Yareah magazine

The whole issue of November of the bilingual cultural magazine Yareah is dedicated to the roman poet Ovid.

"... Ovid was exiled to Constanta (called Tomis in Roman times) by the emperor August. According to the poet, it was a “mistake” and current historians disagree about what sort of “mistake” he made: sexual, politician, religious?
Anyway, he arrives to his exile in the 8th a. C. and in spite of his requests, he never was forgiven, dying in this city in the 16th..."

Read more:

Poetry by Zhaul on Yareah magazine


It’s a double dare, distance and your eyes

It’s a double sight, what happened and what will be
It’s a double dream, remembering you and hope

It’s the pleasure of the sea caught in your eyes
Standing there and watching you walk
Palm trees bowing as you went by

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Poems by Martin Askem on Yareah magazine


WE have Destroyed and we have raped Mother earth

WE have invaded space and wasted time

WE have made nature un-natural

WE have driven God's creatures into extinction

WE have persecuted and executed generations of Man

WE are not MEN, and we are unkind

WE have destroyed mankind


That is THE question

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Music in Madrid, Fudacion Juan March

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